Who Should I Listen To?

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Keep your head down, shift your weight to your right foot, drag the club back low and slow, stay in balance, and have good tempo….these are all bits of information that made me almost quit the game. YES….QUIT! If you know my story, then you know I grew up playing golf from the time I could walk. My dream was to become the next Tiger Woods (just like all 90’s babies golfers). At the age of 14, I decided I needed to become more serious and seek guidance from some of the better players at the course I grew up at.


During the summers, I practiced and played every day and I also played in junior events once a week. I was traveling constantly, working harder than ever, and was actually getting worse!!! BUT THEY TOLD ME IF I WORK HARD I WILL GET BETTER?!?!


I had no idea who to listen to, there was so much information out there. Did golf channel, youtube, golf digest, or all of the golf instruction books have the answers? I searched far and wide to find answers. I was told a lot of different ways to get better, but the one thing that was never answered was why I should be doing these things.


I was as confused as ever. I was given very little feedback outside of old golf cliches that aren’t even correct anyways (blog post for another time). Even people that would watch me hit balls wouldn’t video my swing. Despite my frustration, I decided to stick with golf and head to Campbell University.


It was there at Campbell in the PGA Golf Management program that I was able to find answers that I was looking for. I was surrounded by technology that was able to measure ‘WHY’. And knowledgeable instructors were able to relay the information to me and show me exactly what I needed to do. If I ever asked why I needed to change something, the answers were always there.


The correct information with proper feedback is extremely important. If you want to know exactly what is going on with your game please look for a trained instructor. Find an instructor that uses technology such as high speed video, analysis software, trackman/flightscope, etc. Having a proper understanding of where you are now and what you need to do to get to the next level will give you a lot more confidence! Find a coach that can provide feedback and an explanation for you.


And please….Never leave a lesson without knowing WHY! Always ask if you aren’t sure why something is important.

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