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Being on a team means being part of something that is bigger than yourself. When you are working towards a common goal with other people our selfish tenancies of “Me” must turn into “We.” I have been fortunate to participate on sports teams my whole life. Through the biggest wins and the worst of defeats, it was all worth the journey.

Unfortunately, golf has not always been thought of as a team sport. Yes, there are teams such as high school and college teams but for the most part people are told to worry about their own game and play for themselves in order to get to the next level of play. This completely takes the focus off we and redirects it straight back to me. This, however, is not the environment we wanted to create within our iGrow Academies. We wanted to create something that the juniors would take pride in. We wanted them to feel like they were part of something much bigger than themselves.

A few years ago iGrow Golf started what we call our “All-Star Matches.” We choose our best 8 players from each facility in our Operation 36 Golf Matches and they compete against other Academies. This has been one of the most homerun events that we have ran. The juniors get team uniforms and we document the whole event with pictures. Now, these young juniors can feel what it is like to be on a golf team very early in life. This is huge because instead of playing for themselves, they are now playing for their facility and friends.

The Hasentree Junior Academy is the newest Corporate Facility that iGrow Golf has. They began in the Fall of 2016 and had a coaching change halfway through the season. In the beginning of the Spring of 2017 the Academy only had 20 juniors. The academy barely had enough juniors to play in the All-Star Match against the much bigger and well established Academies. It was a modern day David vs. Goliath! The smaller and younger Hasentree Academy juniors stepped into the All-Star match and took home the gold! That’s right! THEY WON!

Their hard work and determination had paid off. I am certain this wouldn’t have happened if we had only created an environment where they worried about themselves. It didn’t matter if a student had a good day or bad day, they were all excited that they could celebrate a victory as a team. That is what is so special about an iGrow Golf Academy. We bring something to the table that no other junior golf company can. We bring families and juniors together through a game we all love.

Congratulations to the Hasentree Academy on a huge win!

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