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When I was younger, I always wanted to compete with the older kids. No matter what sport I played, I wanted to beat the guys who were older and bigger than I was. It always kept me working harder. Being the underdog is not always fun, but it can be extremely rewarding. Especially when you get to beat the older kids!


Young Stephen Eastman (Age 8) of The Hasentree Junior Academy was presented the low medalist award by the iGrow Coaches at the 2017 Spring Southeast Regional All-Star event. This was our biggest All-Star event to date, and Stephen took home the gold! In this event was junior golfers twice his age and triple his size…but what he lacks in age and height he gains in determination and heart.


Since Stephen entered the Academy he has worked extremely hard and has followed the Operation 36 System the way it is supposed to be used. In our Spring semester of Operation 36 Golf Matches, Stephen dropped 8 strokes off of his game! The highlight of his semseter was when he shot a 34 from Division 3 in the All-Star match to beat all of the high school students! Stephen began the Spring semester with a score of 42 from Division 3 and in 7 matches he was able to bring that score down to a 34!


I am excited to see how Stephen will grow next semester. He has developed a passion for the game that will last a lifetime. Never be afraid to step up to the plate against the big boys. You might just take them to school!

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