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How much do you trust your coach? Do you trust them enough to get outside your comfort zone or will you only listen to them when things are convenient? The trust between coach an student is important when viewing the performance of the student. If success was easy, wouldn’t everyone be successful?


Noah Weyne (Age 12) is a special young student. Most juniors stop listening once “that feels weird,” or “I don’t think I can do that.” Noah, on the other hand, continues to trust the system and coaches because he understands the big picture. He knows that being uncomfortable now and learning new things will benefit him in the long run.

One of the best Noah Weyne stories from the Spring Semester comes from one of our Operation 36 Golf Matches. Noah was not feeling confident that day and was not hitting the ball his best. He was down, and asked the coaches to take a look at him to give him something to figure out what was going wrong.


After 10 minutes of coaching and Noah focusing his energy on exactly what the coaches were saying, Noah was hit

ting the ball well again. He was given a drill that he was told to continue to do throughout his round. Noah did not waiver once from the plan that was given to him from the coaches. That day, Noah shot a 36 right on the number! He did not expect it, but he knew if he listened and trusted the game plan that eventually it would work!


The pictures above are from that day. Because he was encouraged, supported, and given proper perspective, Noah was able to accomplish a huge goal of his. He passed Division 4 which is one of our more difficult Divisions. He also improved by 4 strokes over the course of the semester.


You go Noah!!!

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