Operation 36 Golf Academy believes that skilled golfers are happy golfers.  We aim to build a community of golfers through coaching programs that are working together to improve their game.



Operation 36 Golf Academies are the creators of the internationally ran Operation 36 Golf Coaching Program.  The program & technology are designed to challenge golfers of all ages and abilities towards shooting par or better (score of 36) for 9 holes!



Operation 36 Golf Academy is dedicated to keeping up with the latest research and technology to help you improve your game faster.  Private Coaching Sessions are a great supplement to accelerate your golf development and set custom goals.



For our Junior golfers, Operation 36 Golf Academies offers day camps. The aim of the camps is to improve golf skills in an environment that inspires them to love the game, make friends and lasting memories.




The beauty of the game of golf is you can never stop learning!  From learning about the physics of ball flight, to caddying for your junior golfer, Operation 36 Golf Academies offer educational workshops to keep our Academy on the leading edge of golf development.

Meet Our Coaches



Sam is a Level 3 PGA Associate since retiring from the Navy in 2014. He teaches using the best technology available in which to measure students to develop with them an improvement plan that best suits the student’s improvement based on those measurements.  Why guess when you can measure!


3 things which make him an effective teacher are:


1) His past medical expertise while serving as an Independent Duty Hospital Corpsman in the Navy allows him an enhanced understanding of the concepts of body movement and their relationship in the golf swing. This enables him to more effectively communicate ways the student can understand in order to better execute them correctly. He constantly seeks to improve and continues to learn from others.


2) Having many mentors along the way has helped guide his thoughts and ideas based on their many years of experience.


3) He is able to take what he has learned from his many hours learning, practicing, and giving lessons to students and apply this to improve, not just his own skill set, but uses that experience to improve the skills of his students.


For without the dedication of committed students, progress would not be possible.



Operation 36™ Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Coach

Stack and Tilt Certified Coach



Ryan finds joy in helping others.  He has dedicated his career to positively influencing the lives of others through the game of golf.  What started out as a personal dream of playing at the highest level has turned into a life spent helping players and families instill the values of humility, gratitude, delayed gratification and improving at the game.

When he is not coaching students in the Academy at Keith Hills he is working alongside Matt Reagan, PGA in sharing Operation 36 with other dedicated coaches who want to have a positive influence on their students, facility and grow the game of golf.  Operation 36 grew out of a garage in Buies Creek, NC and is now being used at over 400 courses around the world.  Matt and Ryan desire for this to be the standard learning environment at courses everywhere.  They have seen first hand the measurable improvement that players make using Operation 36, the way in which it brings families together at the course through learning the game and they feel every family should have that wonderful opportunity.

Players in the Keith Hills Academy have had great success on the course over the years.  The local middle school and high school teams are comprised of mostly juniors who have gone through the Operation 36 program.  One of our very first students, Patrick Stephenson won over 65 junior tournaments, was ranked as high as #2 in the state and attended East Carolina University on a golf scholarship.   Eston Lee is following in his footsteps to East Carolina University with a golf scholarship.  Eston is currently the #6 player in the state.

Numerous students have improved by 10, 20, 30 and some over 40 strokes in their time in the Academy.  Please know that if you enroll in the Academy we not only help ourplayers develop into a better golfer but we will also build their character through reinforcing humility, gratitude and delayed gratification.  We believe if we can help develop a better person they will become a better golfer!

Co-Founder Operation 36

2013 Carolinas PGA Junior Golf Leader
PGA Member since 2005
TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Level 3 Junior Coach
US Kids Certified Junior Coach
Certified Double-Goal Coach with the Positive Coaching Alliance
Level 2 Certified Trackman Coach
Stack and Tilt Certified Coach
The Golfing Machine (GSEB)
TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
TPI Certified Level 2 Golf Professional

BBA, Campbell University 2004
MBA, Campbell University 2009


  • From the beginning, Operation 36 Golf Academies are unique and innovative. Operation 36 is an example of the thought process that make Sam and Ryan leaders of junior golf instruction. It is their commitment to the long-term development of the players that has made Operation 36 Golf Academies a fun way to prepare junior golfers for tournament play.

    Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell
  • The Operation 36 Golf Academy has been amazing for my son. It has provided the competition and instruction he needs for improvement on a weekly basis. His coach is phenomenal and he has so much fun that he forgets that he is working hard on his golf game!

    Christy Sullivan
    Christy Sullivan
  • The Operation 36 Golf Academy has taught sportsmanship and integrity to our child that will last a lifetime even away from the golf course. Karson has rapidly grown a love for the game because of the fun teaching styles.  Operation 36 Golf Academy is so much more than just hitting golf balls!

    Kevin Tudor
    Kevin Tudor


  • Patrick Stephenson
    Patrick Stephenson
    Patrick Stephenson came to Operation 36 Golf Academies when we weren’t even called that.  At the time we were called The Edge Junior Golf Programs.  We were running 7-10 year old classes and [...]
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  • Mitchell Blalock
    Mitchell Blalock
    The 200 yard learning experience!  All of us love to blast driver as far as we possibly can.  When given a choice on a hole, most of us would choose driver as much as we could.  However, if we [...]
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  • Luke Clayton
    Luke Clayton
    Imagine attempting something 20 times and not succeeding.  Most of us would give up.  I’ve seen folks who get all jazzed up about working out.  They work out for 2 weeks and then quit as they [...]
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The Academy uses Trackman, the most widely used 3D golf ball and club tracking device on the market.  Coaches use this in private lessons to accurately diagnose what is happening at impact with each swing and shot.  With that data, the coach and student develop a plan to improve and are held accountable each shot to make sure progress is happening.

Blast Motion

Blast Motion

The Blast Golf swing analyzer sensor captures your stroke metrics, helps you analyze your data, and provides drills to improve your timing. By improving your timing, you will make more putts.

4D Motion

4D Motion

4D Motion is a revolutionary wireless 3D Full Body and Club Motion Capture system for your mobile device.  The software provides 3D visualization of your setup and swing, data, graphs and even an overlay comparison of swings.

Operation 36

Operation 36

Operation 36 is a structured program designed to get you shooting par or better for 9 holes. Available on your mobile device or computer, the software helps you track your progress, record your play and practice times, and socialize with your fellow Op36 golfers!



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