Keep the Rust Off This Winter

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Well, it’s the new year and cold winter temperatures have arrived. The vast majority of golfers are thinking it is time to hang up the clubs. The thought of hitting a shot a few grooves thin in near-freezing temperatures pains many to think about. Although it’s easier to hang up them up, your golf game probably won’t be thanking you when that first warm spring day arrives.

Believe it or not, the winter is actually one of the best times to develop or maintain fundamental movement patterns, mental game, strength, and flexibility. It is a great time to reflect stats, plan, and set goals for the upcoming season. I am going to explain just a few things you can do indoors that will develop and maintain important fundamentals.

Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals! The following are 3 necessities to keep in check:

1. Grip: Your grip is kind of important as it is the only connection we have to the golf club! How is your grip? There are many resources available to give your grip a checkup. If you find that it needs changing, use this time to make the change! Keep in mind that a grip change doesn’t happen overnight. Learning a new grip will be uncomfortable at first. Just like anything else, it learned through repetition. Spend some time perfecting it while watching your favorite TV show. Leave a club by your favorite chair in the living room and practice during commercial breaks.

2. Setup/posture/takeaway: Use a mirror for feedback! Work on your setup, posture, takeaway, and tilts for all types of shots. Print out the swing sequence of your favorite PGA tour player to use as a model reference. View from both ‘face on’ and ‘down the line’.  If unable to find good mirror around the house to use, here are a few options:
– Find somewhere in house that reflects (glass door)
– Purchase golf training mirror online
– Purchase a few long dorm room mirrors from Wal-Mart

3. Putting: Try to focus on your alignments, timing of stroke, and routine. These are the things that will remain constant regardless of the surface you are putting on (carpet, hardwoods, artificial turf, grass, concrete, etc.). Tape, string, alignment rods, and mirrors are great tools to help with alignment. Use a metronome mobile app to calibrate the timing of strokes varying in distance. Challenge family members to putting contests!
Note: Alignment doesn’t just refer to your feet. It refers to your clubface, eyes, shoulders, knees, feet, and ball position. There are many different metronome mobile apps out there free to download.

My goal for this post was to provide a few best practices readers can take home and apply towards their golf game over the winter. At the very least, I hope this has opened your mind to the various possibilities of winter game improvement.

Keep golfing, never stop!

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