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Most juniors in between semesters take breaks while the Academy is not in session. One of our biggest challenges in our Academies is how do we motivate these juniors to continue to play/practice during their time off. Apart from continuing to offer private lessons, our best option is our Operation 36 Cup. The Operation 36 Cup is an overnight summer camp at Campbell University.


The juniors play 45 holes from Sunday to Wednesday and train with PGA Professionals and Division 1 & 2 college players around the Southeast. Each junior plays from the yardage they are currently trying to beat in our Operation 36 Golf Matches. By the end of the week, the juniors are playing better than ever!


This year we had a junior from The Hasentree Golf Academy join us at the Operation 36 Cup and absolutely blow his yardage out of the water! On the last day of the Operation 36 Cup, Ian Doyle shot a 32 from Division 3! He had a string of 5 birdies in a row (tying his favorite golfer Rickie Fowler)! That probably excited him more than anything.


Ian has been playing golf for less than a year and is already making huge improvements in his game. He is one of the fastest improving juniors I have seen. He follows the Operation 36 platform and practices every chance he can. He currently spends 3 days a week in the Academy (Academy Class, Supervised Practice, and Operation 36 Matches). He has a huge passion for golf and it is getting bigger with each passing day. Passing division 3 is a big deal and this is typically when we see a junior really begin to get serious with the sport. I can’t wait to see what the next semester holds for Ian!


Congratultions on a great score Ian!

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