How Much Will Golf Cost Me? Part 3 of 4

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So far in the last two posts I have touched on two areas that commonly get brought up relating to the costs associated in getting started in playing golf, whether a junior or adult. I spoke a little bit on cost of going out to play on the golf course and memberships, as well as whether or not your junior golfer should or should not use cutdown clubs. Today I will examine the third  point in this series…what to wear, or what not to wear.

“Jeans and T-Shirts are Okay…Right?”

Now when it comes to clothing requirements Golf is not much different than any other sport.  It would not be suitable for you to show up to baseball practice wearing street clothes such as jeans or even clothing which is worn by another sport.


First let me speak about the traditional style or dress associated with the game of golf and then I will go on further to explain what we expect during our academy.

Golf clothing is usually an arena which is governed by culture.  What I mean by this is simply this, based on the rules of your local/specific club, clothing requirements may or may not adhere strictly to the commonly practiced guidelines of the game. This easily stated means  in nearly all cases regarding golf shirts,  golf courses require men wear collared shirts typically made from cotton, microfiber or polyester. Women’s tops can vary, being with or without collars, but should all adhere to traditional modesty. This means no bathing suits or tube tops. T-shirts or tank tops are not permitted for men or women.


Regarding pants,  men historically wear long pants made of cotton or polyester blend, or dress shorts with a pleated or flat fronts. Some courses permit men to wear jeans, but this is not typical. Women can wear long pants, capris, dress shorts, or golf specific skirts. These skirts are made with a cut pleat or V-notch on the front or side to allow for movement during the swing, and contain an under-short for modesty. Cut-off jeans, workout/gym bottoms, running or basketball shorts are not permitted for men or women.


Now having said all of this, we understand our students are usually coming to class sometimes straight from school, work (our adult students) or other extra-curricular activities where changing outfits may not be feasible. This is totally understandable! We also do not expect that any of our student’s families go out immediately to a local Mall, Dick’s Sporting Goods or even online Amazon seller and incur a tremendous expense just to be able to participate in golf classes or even to play golf. Our expectation during academy classes is that you come in something comfortable that you can wear to school or any other public venue that is not the “club”, beach or local favorite swimming hole. T-shirts, shorts, even basketball shorts are okay, especially for the 3-12 year old crowd. It is one of our responsibilities during academy classes is to teach our students the proper attire which is to be worn on the golf course. One of the ways that we do this is by example, showing them the correct way to dress, as well as through the Honor badges they can earn in the learning system on their bag tag.  We simply prefer that denim/jeans not be worn, but understand that this is not always going to be possible given the very busy schedules of our families.  The unique benefit of golf clothing for either boys or girls, men or women is that these clothes, usually being of a more dressed up or casual type clothing, can be used for many  other events, school functions, special occasions or even church activities. Should your Junior already know the proper attire and wish to display his/her particular style from day one, that is fine too! We will comment on that in a positive way which helps to foster a positive culture of how to properly dress on the course.

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