How Much Will Golf Cost Me? Part 2 of 4

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During Part 1 I talked a little about the cost of going out to play on the golf course. Today I will examine the second point as it relates to the cost/expense of Golf.

“Golf Clubs are Expensive…Cutdowns”

Okay, you may have me here, golf clubs can be expensive…if you buy them brand new.  The family at iGrow do have something to help you with this. As a student of an iGrow Golf academy teaching Operation 36 you will have access to our iGrow Golf Family Equipment Exchange Facebook page which was created and managed by one of our outstanding and motivated iGrow Golf mom’s, Mrs. Tiffani Snyder. On this page you can post to see if there is any reasonably priced equipment available through other iGrow families which no longer fits their junior, but may now be able to fit your junior based on fitting measurement recommendations from your Academy Coaches.  We fit students regularly twice a year at the start of every semester and again, if we have identified during classes that their performance may be hindered because they have grown significantly grown out of their set. If you cannot find anything available that currently fits your junior on this Facebook page and must purchase new, no worries!  By having access to this page, you will be able to post that set you just purchased, once your Junior has grown out of it, and be able to recoup a fair amount back by selling to another student in the academy who is ready for them. Other resources that are always good to check out in order to find reasonable US Kids clubs (our current recommendation due to having the best fitting system available) is local thrift stores (I have personally bought 3 sets of US Kids 5/7/9 club sets for $5-$10 for each set each with a bag), eBay, the Facebook Marketplace, sometimes the occasional yard/garage sale, and even Craigslist. However, should you decide to purchase a set new for your student, your local Pro Shop will often be able to facilitate this. If you club Pro is  anything like the ones at Keith Hills, they will even price match any printed or online offer and should be able to get them in fairly quick.

Cutdown golf clubs…When I was growing up, Junior golf clubs were either nonexistent or extremely expensive and very hard to find. So when I began to show an interest in the game, my father did what most did at that time, he found a set of used golf clubs either from a store, yard sale, flea-market, or even old set he no longer used and cut them down so that they were close to the right height for me.


Though the price may seem attractive, there are a number of problems with juniors using cutdown golf clubs. To begin with, adult golf clubs come in a variety of lengths, lofts, shaft stiffnesses and swing weights. With adult clubs already being extremely heavy for a junior to use, when you cut off any length of the shaft you begin changing very important specifications that made that golf club work even moderately well as an adult club. A quick example of one such specification is, when cutting down a golf club to any length, you gradually are making the shaft stiffer than it was when you began shortening it.  This is okay if you are starting with an  al dente spaghetti noodle. However, if you a starting with a stiff or even regular flex golf club shaft, you end up with a shaft that is extremely stiff and hard to hit, especially for your junior.


According to the book 12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game, by Tom Wishon, “You have to resist the temptation to buy clubs that are too long with the expectation that they will “grow into them.” They might well do that, but if they are too long, you are forcing them to hit with something that may very likely cause them to develop a bad swing just to handle the longer length” it is extremely hard to “UN-learn that bad swing.”

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