How Much Will Golf Cost Me? Part 1 of 4

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A particular concern for many parents who are starting their Junior in the game of golf is the expense.  I am going to address these concerns in a Series of articles related to the cost of items pertaining to getting started in the game of golf.


Concerns I commonly hear and will address in this Series will be:


“It Costs Too Much to Play Golf”

“Golf Clubs are Expensive…What About Cutdowns”

“Jeans and T-Shirts are Okay…Right?”

“What About Golf Shoes”


Putting forth a large amount of money for your child’s activity, whether golf, baseball or any other new interest your kiddos may have, can be overwhelming and costly to boot! As we know, children’s interests can be fleeting…and many! The iGrow Team have a few resources and recommendations (Starting Golf Hacks, if you will) which will hopefully allay many of your concerns about dropping a large amount of money into getting your junior started in golf, especially when you are unsure if your junior has any real vested interest in the game or if it is just a passing phase, fad or trend.


“It Costs Too Much to Play Golf”

There are many factors that go into answering this particular question, things like tee times, day of the week, a course’s age and whether it is a public or private course. If you are a member at a private or even semi-private golf club, you are already receiving the best deal that particular golf course has to offer by paying upfront for playing golf, as well as having access to other related amenities. If you do not need many of the other amenities or do not have the ability to pay the much higher costs of the private courses, the Daily Fee/Semi-Private courses (like Keith Hills) often offer lower Junior Golfer Memberships. Keith Hills Golf Club for instance offers Junior Golfer memberships for $300 to play during the weekdays with access to unlimited practice balls for use on the practice facility. They even have iGrow/Operation 36 Academy student specific discounts to incentivize these students being able to practice their skills by discounting their already low Junior Membership to $250.

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