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iClass Pro

iClass Pro is a class management system that will provide a portal for families to register and a complete backend to run your junior academy.  From communication to billing and reports, it handles everything.  We have given their support team permission to setup your account exactly like ours and they have outstanding support to help you if you need it.


Discount: $99 / Month ($360 discount!)


To learn more or setup an account please email Ray Smale at ray@iclasspro.com and let him know you are a part of the Operation 36 Network.


We utilize the eGolfRings for a lot of our training environments.  The team at eGolfRing gives us a 25% discount on any of the ring packages on their website.  We highly recommend the utilization of the rings in your academy as they fold up easily and are an easy way to set defined challenge points for your golfers.


Discount: 25% Off Retail


To take advantage of the discount please call Bill at (904) 264-2111 and let him know you are associated with the Operation 36 Network.

The Perfect Putter

The Perfect Putter is a great training tool to teach the fundamentals of putting and green reading without using a putter.   It is designed to simulate a true roll with engineering precision which allows for maximum learning transfer.  We have some training environments that you can integrate with the putting and green reading badge that are really effective.   Special thanks to Ramon Bescansa on his partnership discount below.


Discount: 15% Off of Retail (Use Coupon Code OP15 at checkout)

Eyeline Golf – Operation 36 Package

Eyeline Golf is very proud to be the #1 Training aid company on the Pro Tours. They have actually had over 270 Tour Players choose EyeLine in 2015 – PGA, LPGA, Web.com. We are working hand in hand to ensure there is a partner package put together for the Operation 36 Network that can be utilized in our training environments.


Discount: TBD


We will post the solution for our network as soon as it is available.

Garb Golf – Academy Clothing Pack

Garb Golf is working hand in hand with the Operation 36 Team to assemble a very cost effective hat and shirt combo with Operation 36 and Custom Facility branded apparel.  We believe one of the best decisions you can make is to outfit your academy to make the juniors feel like they are part of a team.  It is great for marketing and the environment that you create.


Partner Package: $30.00 Hat and Shirt Combo (Facility & Operation 36 Logo)


To enquire about ordering these please email your support coach through the Operation 36 Network.