New Referral Program, Homepage, Best Practices



SUBJECT: New Referral Program, Homepage, Best Practices Section

DATE: Tuesday, July 19th 2016


We are now in between our semesters and catching up on some items on our long list of updates and improvements we are making to the Op 36 Platform.  Below are the most recent updates.

New Op 36 Referral Program

As we continue to grow, we are finding that most of the new locations are referrals from our coaches in the network.  We have been tossing around ideas on ways to thank you for sharing the mission as we understand that you may have coaches reaching out to quiz you on Op 36. We are starting to build a solid foundation of coaches who are contributing to the mission of developing skilled golfers and want to continue to momentum to ensure there is a long-term program at every facility in the nation.

The new referral program allows you to apply for a coupon referral code that will not only give the coach you refer $50 off of training, but will also provide you with a check for $50.00 for every coach that you refer. We also created the Op 36 Referral Championship which is split up into 4 rounds and will award a prize to the overall leader for that particular round.  Congratulations to Round 1 winner Maggie Simons!  To learn more about the Operation 36 Referral Program please click here.

New Homepage & Best Practice Section

We are going to be adding a few new sections to the website to ensure that we are providing you with the best resources and education on utilizing Op 36 at your facility.  Some of the new sections include the Operation 36 Curriculum Center (coming soon), as well as a new Op 36 Best Practices section that will allow coaches to share their own best practices with the network.  The Best Practice section is now live and can be viewed here.

Thanks for your continued support of the network and mission. As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us or posting it in the Facebook Group.


The iGrow Team