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iGrow Golf believes that skilled golfers are happy golfers.  We aim to build a community of golfers through coaching programs that are working together to improve their game.



iGrow Golf are the creators of the internationally ran Operation 36 Golf Coaching Program.  The program & technology are designed to challenge golfers of all ages and abilities towards shooting par or better (score of 36) for 9 holes!



iGrow Golf is dedicated to keeping up with the latest research and technology to help you improve your game faster.  Private Coaching Sessions are a great supplement to accelerate your golf development and set custom goals.



For our Junior golfers, iGrow offers day and overnight camps. The aim of the camps is to improve golf skills in an environment that inspires them to love the game, make friends and lasting memories. Our overnight camp at Campbell University gives players the opportunity to live on campus for a week while working on their golf games.



The beauty of the game of golf is you can never stop learning!  From learning about the physics of ball flight, to caddying for your junior golfer, iGrow offers educational workshops to keep our Academy on the leading edge of golf development.

Meet Our Coaches



Seth grew up in a small town in West Virginia where he was introduced to golf by his father and grandfather. He fell in love with the game and had big dreams to become a PGA Tour player. Seth was becoming a competitive golfer, but knew he still hadn’t hit his potential. He began to seek instruction from better players at his home course and much to his surprise he slowly began to become a worse player. He was playing in at least 1 tournament a week and playing/practicing 6 days a week for hours on end. He had lost all confidence in his game, but continued to pursue a career in golf.


Seth found his way to Campbell University where he majored in PGA Golf Management. It was there that he would find out about all of his struggles and find a deep passion for teaching. He regained confidence in his game by diving deep into the anatomy and geometry of the golf swing. Once he found a love for teaching he never looked back. He spent the next 4 years attending certification trainings, networking with other instructors, and landing a position with iGrow Golf that would give him plenty of teaching experience.


Seth has now has an extensive teaching background having been the Academy Director at Reedy Creek Golf Club in Four Oaks, NC for the past 2 years. His Academy Students at Reedy Creek improved by a total of 395 strokes in the Operation 36 matches over the past 2 seasons. He has had two young ladies qualify for states along with numerous players competing at the local and regional level of junior events. Seth is a PGA member who is certified as a Network Stack and Tilt Instructor, Level 2 Certified Operation 36 Coach and a Certified Level 1 Instructor in Golf Swing Biomechanics. He is extremely excited to offer any help he can to the members at Hasentree!



Chad Gibbs came to iGrow from Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  He was the Senior Instructor there for 6 years.  At the Norman Academy, he was able to hone his skills while coaching a Web.com winner, PGA Latin America players, Division 1 and 11 international college golfers, high-level high school players, and brand new players of all skill levels and abilities.


Chad takes great pride in teaching whatever is necessary for the student in each particular moment.  Through fourteen years of coaching, he knows that every golfer has a unique swing based on their body type, physical capabilities, and experiences.  Every student also has unique wants and needs.  When you train with Chad, you will get a plan that is tailored to your individual needs as a player.  Chad’s teaching philosophy is creating differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each student, and to grow and change with the student as he or she progresses.  He does this while using the latest technology and his immense knowledge of biomechanics.


He teaches beginners, instructs mid-level players, guides accomplished players, coaches great players, and consults with and pushes elite golfers.  Through learning and personal development, Chad has forged relationships with the industry’s leading experts in motor skill acquisition, golf research, sports psychology, and biomechanics.  Chad also works with Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates (OPT) in Wake Forest.  This gives golfers an opportunity to become stronger and to avoid or rehabilitate injuries.  Chad is a lifelong student of the game as well.  He works consistently on improving his own game.


  • Chad is one of the brightest minds in golf today! His knowledge of bio-mechanics and swing dynamics are off the charts.  I’ve known Chad since he was an aspiring junior and he has taken his passion and enthusiasm for the game he loves and has passed it on to the students every day, while raising their golf IQ in the process!  He’s the real deal!!

    Tom Porten
    Tom Porten Division 1 Head Men’s Golf Coach Northern Illinois University
  • Chad Gibbs is a leader in golf coaching and helping students reach their goals. His technical knowledge is cutting edge, and you will not find a more dedicated PGA Professional to teaching. Chad has the ability to assess golf mechanics and convert them into easy concepts that are understandable and achievable. His passion is finding uncomplicated coaching strategies that have long-lasting, positive effects on his players with straightforward solutions. I highly recommend all golfers with an interest improving  spend time with Chad.

    Joe Plecker
    Joe Plecker PGA Master Professional, Director of Instruction Elk Ridge, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
  • Before my lessons with Chad, my friends helped.  I was stuck.  After two lessons and a lot of hard work I shot an 81.  I normally shoot in the mid 90’s and my previous low was 87 six months ago.  I feel that I am finally able to focus on a clear path for my improvement.  Before, I just tried to fix myself based on the golf channel, golf magazines, and friends help.  I’m really enjoying this new direction that my golf is taking.

    Wayne Cable
    Wayne Cable Golfer of 3 years and 17.3 handicap index
  • This has been an outstanding program for our 8-year old son.  He loves the group practices with friends and thrives on the instruction provided by his coach.  We really like how the matches are conducted - starting at 25 yards and then moving farther away.  He is continually learning and practicing his short game as he grows his long game.  Operation 36 is fantastic!

    Jennifer Eastman
    Jennifer Eastman Parent
  • The Igrow golf academy at Hasentree is great! We enrolled both our children, Nick 10 years old and Bella 7 years old and they love it.  The instructor Seth Thompson has a unique way of keeping the instruction and drills fun and engaging while teaching the kids the fundamentals of golf.  Both my kids have shown a lot of improvement in only a few months.  Nick really likes the 9 hole golf matches at the end of each week.  We are very happy the academy is here at Hasentree and would recommend it to anyone!

    Mark DeLisio
    Mark DeLisio Parent
  • I've been very impressed with Josh's progress through his 1st semester in OP36 and I know he has enjoyed it as well.  What I really appreciate about Seth is the personal interest he takes in Josh and all his kids improvement and the fact that he makes it fun for the kids.

    Jeffrey Heffner
    Jeffrey Heffner Parent
  • Operation 36 has been a great program for my son.   He is really excited to go to both the practices and the matches on the weekend.  I really enjoy the format that they use and it’s nice to be able to ride along and watch my son develop as he passes the different stages (distances).   Coach Seth has done a great job with this program!!!   We are excited for the fall season to start back up.

    Larry Coole
    Larry Coole Parent


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    Aaron Hupp
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    Stephen Eastman
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Flight Scope

Flight Scope

A Flight Scope is a 3D Doppler tracking radar for Golf and other sports. It accurately measures the launch and flight of balls and clubs and provides quantitative data about player and equipment performance.

Blast Motion

Blast Motion

The Blast Golf swing analyzer sensor captures your stroke metrics, helps you analyze your data, and provides drills to improve your timing. By improving your timing, you will make more putts.

4D Motion

4D Motion

4D Motion is a revolutionary wireless 3D Full Body and Club Motion Capture system for your mobile device.  The software provides 3D visualization of your setup and swing, data, graphs and even an overlay comparison of swings.

Operation 36

Operation 36

Operation 36 is a structured program designed to get you shooting par or better for 9 holes. Available on your mobile device or computer, the software helps you track your progress, record your play and practice times, and socialize with your fellow Op36 golfers!



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